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Cybereducation for Science and Engineering

Few of the advantages of the national cyberinfrastructure will be realized without scientists and engineers who understand the new capabilities that it provides. NCSA staff collaborates with UIUC faculty and others to develop programs to bring cyberenvironments into the classroom. This will ensure that the benefits of the national cyberinfrastructure are made available to educators and students throughout the country.

To that end, the cybereducation staff works with UIUC faculty and students, and other state and national partners to bring cyberinfrastructure resources to education communities. We help bridge the gap between research and education, and conduct a wide variety of activities and programs including those that disseminate advanced technologies to new and established communities to encourage audiences to adopt computational technologies as learning tools in pre-college settings, colleges, universities, and the workplace.


The Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science is a 5-year National Science Foundation funded Math Science Partnership program to increase the chemistry literacy and chemistry-related pedagogical skills of rural Illinois high school teachers.

Learning and Performance Management System

The Learning and Performance Management System report outlines recommendations addressing requirements that have been identified as necessary to realize the vision of the LPMS as a statewide instructional improvement platform. The goal of this system is to empower education agencies, institutions, administrators, educators, and life-wide learners in Illinois to use digital resources and benefit from research that provides insight, stimulates innovation, and improves learning outcomes.